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Thank you – I did enjoy the session. I’d forgotten that in certain circles I am perfectly normal!“ – Zoom Forum attendee.

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About Us

The Red Lion Group is a UK pouch support charity for people who have, or are considering having, an ileo-anal pouch.

The pouch support group was founded in 1994 by a group of patients and staff at St. Mark’s Hospital in London and gained charitable status in 1997.


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Some quotes from Red Lion Group members.

I have contacted many people from the contacts you sent me. A lot were just offering an ear and their own personal experience which has been invaluable with some great advice. It has been very helpful and nice to know that I’m not struggling alone. Which is how I’ve been feeling. Thanks for yours and the groups support” – Dan.

Thank you – I did enjoy the session. I’d forgotten that in certain circles I am perfectly normal!“ – Zoom Forum attendee.

“It is so helpful to have the Red Lion Group for support and advice. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have my pouch and my local consultant and surgeon has been amazing. At times though I feel that local support is quite limited as I don’t believe there are many pouchees in and around Gloucestershire. Many thanks again for your kind support and advice” – RLG member



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13 hours ago

Anyone with a similar issue?? Because of a tight stricture I have to use both Aqua flush followed by catheters after each main meal, I cannot at all empty my pouch by myself without the help of the catheter, if I am not quick enough to insert the catheter I I feel quite a bit of painful pressure as nothing can come out on its own! Now in the last two weeks also wind does not come out and I am obliged to use the catheter for it too. My pouch is 21 years old now but has worked well till the issue of strictures in this last couple of years. I am due for another dilatation in September/October, I am also bleeding often when using the catheter so not sure what is going on. Hope not a fistula? Thank you 😊 ... See MoreSee Less

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Bless you I have a stricture too and I'm very limited to what I can eat, I'm waiting to be seen by a surgeon who will hopefully sort me out, hope you are feeling better soon 💖

4 days ago

New ppl let's have a shout out from where everyone from.
I'm in newhaven(near brighton)
... See MoreSee Less

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North Lincolnshire 👋



👋 Chester




Just outside Milton Keynes but originally from Manchester

Mongolia zuunkhara

Chippenham, Wilts

Formby, Liverpool




Whitstable in Kent

Enniskillen, Fermanagh..


Earlsfield London but originally from Macedonia.


Thanks everyone.i know theres a couple near me.but no one new so far.


From Essex now living in Suffolk


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1 day ago

My husband had j pouch surgery about 7 years ago. We are away camping at the moment and he’s having to use the toilet a lot more then usual and getting a lot more gas pain. Imodium isn’t helping and he only takes it occasionally and it usually does the job. Has anyone experienced a change in their toilet habits when going away or a change in their routine? Thanks 😊 ... See MoreSee Less

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Could be change in water..? I live in a hard water area and have noticed changes if i go somewhere with softer water....

Yes always. Never know whether it's nerves because I'm away and anxious about it. I'm also terrible on aeroplanes.

Try taking immodium as soon as he wakes up before eating anything and also atleast 20 mins before any meal. I find thats the best way its effective.

Change in water

Yes if I was flying I get bloated and windy , takes me a few days to settle down .

Travelling often means a change of diet and routine and that can have consequences for the pouch behaviours. but you are on your hols so maybe eat what you want but keep a diary of food and drink and try and correlate gas production with particular foods. After 7 years your hubby and you will have a good handle on this already. Where’s the pain coming from?

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2 days ago

Brillance of the man. Wish it was dedicated to us poachers. ... See MoreSee Less

Brillance of the man. Wish it was dedicated to us poachers.
2 days ago

Hey just wondering if anyone was on adalimumab while TTC or during pregnant? Xx ... See MoreSee Less

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Yes me 🙋🏼‍♀️ I chose to stay on it throughout my whole pregnancy! Happy to answer any questions x

I’m now on Infliximab hun. Terrified of getting pregnant on it but I have been told it would still be the better option for me and future baby definitely try and find out whether an IBD nurse or Gastro can answer any of your questions re pregnancy and fertility before starting it. Good luck lovely fingers crossed the medication and pregnancy all work out for you xxx 💕

6 days ago

This question must have come out many times, biggest downsides for me in j pouch is butt pain, can be very painful and annoying way to deal with, I would like feedback, is they any tips, how to tackle with this issue ... See MoreSee Less

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I find sudocrem helps me. Just apply around your butt. Helps for it to be clean so use a wipe and then dry with a tissue beforehand.

I’m exactly the same 🙈

Get a bidet, wash don’t wipe

But pain from what exactly?


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1 week ago

Hello everyone;
I had my j pouch made about 6 weeks ago and the last couple days I’ve been getting sharp, shooting pains up my bottom and a pressure feeling, just wondered if this was normal?
Also my surgeon said I need to have a dye test and scan done soon before my final surgery which should be in the next month and I just wanted to know what everyone’s experience was with this?
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My last op was 20 years ago so some specific details are a wee bit sketchy! Remember having pressure feeling but not shooting pains. I’ve had a pouchoscopy and a lower endoscope and both times I’ve been okay yes a tad uncomfortable and dignity left at door. But wasn’t in any pain. I’d rather go through them than an upper endoscope. You are still only 6 weeks in and the pouch is still stretching. If you are in serious pain please don’t wait and go to A&E. hope you are keeping hydrated in this weather. It’s easier to get dehydrated with a pouch.

Hi, I can’t comment on the pain in bottom as I don’t recall having this personally after my second op as it was quite some time ago (I’m 2 years post final op) However i do remember feeling pressure and still lost a lot of blood from my bottom. I found the thought of the due test to be way worse than the procedure itself. I worked myself up so much beforehand because I thought it would be horrific and honestly the scan itself was fine. Not painful at all, just uncomfortable, and like the lady above said, no dignity at all (not like we have any left after everything we’ve had up our bottoms at this point anyway). Good luck xx

The dye test (pouchogram) is an easy procedure and takes a few minutes. You’ll need to empty the dye from your pouch on the loo straight after and you may get quite a bit of it in your bag also, the advice is to take a spare bag in case it leaks out. About the pain, are you releasing much mucous from your bottom? If not it may be a build up which can be painful.

I had this painful mucus and I passed it each morning. Must the remaining UC in the cuff that causes it

I got painful strictures very soon after pouch formation. Needed to be dilated. Worse case scenario is that the mucus is trapped and becomes infected.

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1 week ago

Hey guys,

Just a quick one to say I'm not sure if I have internal bleeding but has anyone experienced this?? I am about 6 weeks post op.
... See MoreSee Less

Hey guys,  Just a quick one to say Im not sure if I have internal bleeding but has anyone experienced this?? I am about 6 weeks post op.

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Are you in any pain?

Yeah... Left side and around my stoma

Some time u can get some bleeding for couple of months after. But if u got abit of pain no harm calling 111

It looks pretty normal. The colour can change drastically. Sometimes knocking the stoma could cause it to bleed a little bit but not enough to change the stool colour. I would call your stoma nurse Monday unless you are having a fever and pain.

Bleeding the color is usually black

Normally bleeding would be very dark or actually very red. If you’ve ever eaten beetroot then forgotten you had it when you go to empty your bag. OMG! Heart attack moment. It could be kinda that colour too x

Drink a couple of litres of water to see if that helps. I get dehydrated really easily and this heat makes it worse. If you have a contact number for the hospital you were in give them a ring. They can give you advice. When I had trouble with bleeding they sent out a district nurse to see me then she arranged an ambulance to take me directly to the ward for treatment then back home. That was 2am on a Sunday.

Chan Shah what was the out come?.u ok?.

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6 days ago

I’ve had my pouch since 2015 and, until now it has been just fine with no real issues. I’ve had major bowel leak through the night for three occasions recently, twice in two days, and it is becoming a bit of a worry. I don’t feel sick or any different than normal and I haven’t changed my diet. There seems no logical reason for it? I don’t like the thought of wearing pads, really don’t want to go down this route!!! I like sleeping with nothing on but I decided to wear shorts, it’s a good job I did this last night 🥴😳. Anyone with any tips to stop the leaks? When I say leaks it’s more like my bowel completely empties, we are not talking drips and drabs!! My sweetheart witnessed it once, she told me I trumped and the result was my bowel emptying, I was asleep when it happened! So embarrassing, she is a little darling and just reassures me it’s all good but it doesn’t stop my embarrassment. ... See MoreSee Less

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It's happens to me too. Do you wake up and use the toilet? I always empty my pouch right before I sleep to help prevent accidents. I also take 30-60mgnof codeine before bed. It's awful!

Last year I had that happening to me , I feel it was stress with Lockdown but I had no tummy pain but felt tired and watery output with pouch . I rang the stoma nurse and she said it was slight pouchitis. She prescribed antibiotics which did sort the problem out . First time since have my pouch for 26 years .

I get that when im super tired and go into a deep sleep or if I have eaten late x

It’s happened to me when I’ve ate something too rich and then when I’ve been on iron tablets (3 a day). Try not to eat after 8/8.30 and always empty pouch before bed.

Hi Mick .I with Georgina on this..it happens when I really tired and sleep heavily. You can get pads just to put on the bed, they're easier than pads you wear. Hopefully, the problem will settle down, usually does with me. Make sure you empty your pouch before bed...avoid fizzy drinks...sorry I do go on a bit. Best of luck.

Happened to me for months.fizzled out.but still wear a pad at night to be on safe side n I sleep alone.lol.it could be onset pouchitis?have u had it before?.

Also night time sharts are the worst.even more so when asleep.lol. Pads save the major clear up n changing bed at silly am.

Thanks for all your advice everyone, it really does help to know when people get how you feel 😊 I’ve spoken with the stoma nurse at the Western General in Edinburgh and they are on the case, they are calling me back today sometime 👍 I’ve actually had my first trouble free night last night and that’s a relief although I’m conscious of the fact it can happen again. I don’t feel Ill so it’s a little confusing, chances are it’s the dreaded Pouchitis 🤷‍♂️ I never really eat late and I always get up through the night when I need to go. I’ve never had any problems, including Pouchitis, before so this is all new to me.

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1 week ago

Hi All, so I had my first j-pouch formation surgery on Monday (subtotal colectomy Feb 2019) and I am now home. I’ve noticed today that my bottom (the cuff) has become really achy. It wasn’t before and it may just be that it’s becoming more noticeable now everything is settling? I am sure it’s probably normal considering what I’ve just had done but Just wondered if anyone else had this dull ache/discomfort too? ... See MoreSee Less

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It’s probably just where it’s sewn to the anal canal - don’t worry - there’ll be lots of mew feelings and twinges in coming weeks and months. Don’t panic. Good luck

Yes this pain is normal. It might gets worse before it gets better but last about 4-6 weeks until it heals. Sit on a hot water bottle and take pain killers if its really bad. I remember finding the pain excruciating

Good to hear all has gone well Charlotte Aldous

Glad you are home and op has went well Charlotte. Sending hugs. Sounds all normal what you are describing.

Hey Charlotte. All sounds normal. You’re healing and there will be bruising and stuff inside. You’ll get days when you feel much much better then the next day maybe not quite so good again. It’s all ok and all a process. It’s easy to overdo it at the start with being active and stuff. Listen to what your body is telling you and you’ll be good. Congratulations on the surgery too. 👍🏼

Just settling in aches.x

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1 week ago

Hey all, looking for advice. Any of you J-Poucher’s suffer from Lower back pain?

I was diagnosed with acute ulcerative colitis and had do undergo emergency surgery in 2018 last year I had my step 2 J-Pouch formation surgery and now currently waiting for my step 3 takedown in September, which was delayed due to Covid.

I have been medication free all this time but been dealing with lower back pain for the last couple of Months, latest MRI shows inflammation on my lower back.

I know everyone is different but I’m looking for advice on anyone out there who might be in a similar situation to me.

Went to see my rheumatologist and he says this could be related to my IBD and recommends I take Humira injections every 2 weeks anyone on this treatment ? How’s it going any side effects?

It’s really bothering me and the uncertainty is causing me a lot of anxiety.

Thanks in advance!
... See MoreSee Less

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It’s complicated. I was born with spinabifida so automatically assumed my back pain was due to that. Investigation found I had worn facet joints undoubtedly caused by arthritis. I have since had a replacement knee. Keep asking to see a rheumatologist but no joy yet.

Thanks Peter, are you on Humira injections ?

Low iron causes mine and I was being treated gor pouchitis with antibiotics for years now iv low b12

Hi Gino. Please get yourself checked for ankylosising spondylitis. Mine was diagnosed at the same time as my UC diagnoses. It's an inflammatory back condition that can occur with UC.

Hi Gino. I've had a pouch for 30+ years and also suffer with my back. You might be interested in an article I posted on the Red Lion Group website. see pouchsupport.org/gene-genie-do-you-have-the-hla-b27-gene/

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5 days ago

Does anyone have a contact number for the j pouch nurse in Edinburgh? They were supposed to get in touch with me weeks ago and I have heard nothing. Thanks in advance for any help you can give. ... See MoreSee Less

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I thought the J Pouch nurse was the same as the Stoma nurses in the Western General ?? I may be wrong but I would call them in the Western anyway as if they can’t help they will put you in touch with someone that can

2 weeks ago

On Sunday woke with a migrane. Trip to hospital at 1am to pick up some meds (after 16 hours) and a further 12 to get it to go away 28h migrane. Ever since my stomach has been agony I think it was due to not being able to eat for 28h I've done a 48h fast before for surgery but I can't seem to get back to normal this time the pain is too much and when I eat it gets worse. Monday I managed 1/2 a burger and yesterday consisted of 2 bowl soup and bowl cereal. I'm normally a good eater and drink plenty. I normally have lower intestinal pain but this is stomach pain. Even when not eating. My output is liquid and I don't know if i should take any loperamide, I did take 2 last night but no different this morning.
Awaiting doctor over the phone consultation
... See MoreSee Less

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If I haven’t eaten my stomach/pouch normally growls away. No pain just noisy. Maybe the pain meds have upset your stomach. Sorry don’t have a real answer and hope the doctor gives you an answer. Take care. Hope the migraine has gone (suffer from them too so I share your pain)

I suffer from migraine too (normal approx 3 month) it always affects my pouch, but not quite as severe as you. Eventually mine settles down again by its self, however I was once told by a GP that migraines do affect your digestive system and I guess as we already have issues, that would make sense. I also feel that the medication has an affect, I take sumatriptan. As yours is so bad, definitely worth a chat with your doctor

Sorry to hear Kirsty Bremner. I don’t have any direct experience and am not a doctor so none of what follows should supersede medical advice. Sounds like you’ve got an upset tum. In any case, I’d suggest easy to digest, low fibre foods and not red meat (which is difficult to digest). If you like natural yoghurts then try them for example. These will also help to restore a healthy pouch microflora. Eat little and often (as it sounds like you have been doing). I definitely would not recommend loperamide for the time being as this just adds another variable into the pot and your output is not the problem here, it is likely a symptom of the tummy problem. Last point is think about what you ate and drAnk immediately before the migraine started. Certain foods trigger gut spasms in some pouchees (eg apple peel) but it’s very much an individual thing. Make a note of everything you have eaten or drink in the last few days and keep it for future reference if ever the same thing happens again. Wishing you a speedy recovery

Doc says take my cocodamol/paracetamol 4times, omeprazole twice, gabapentin and loperamide as normal (before bed), Little and often soft bland food if no better in 24h call back I had a temperature when I went to hospital and the migrane felt like when I had gastroenteritis last year. I had a salad and 1 fishcake on Saturday but I had been off food for a couple days before it. Simple things like normally I can drink a pint of liquid really quickly but atm it is taking me over hour to drink a pint, (I'm normally 3l a day) Doesn't matter if it is just liquid stomach still gets sore after drinking. I'm having to streach out can't sit with the pain. Lost 3kg since Sunday

Didn't get better within 24h (now 31h) in hospital for admission assessment at my local hospital (Kirkcaldy) because Edinburgh wanted me assessed here first

So I have Campylobacter (food poisoning) finally got a diagnosis today. I'm on oral Morphine hourly after eating/drinking. Been a nightmare Weekend. That's twice in 16months I've had food poisoning, I'm now out of hospital

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6 days ago

Anyone struggle with potassium and magnesium ... See MoreSee Less

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I eat a lot of bananas and take magnesium daily

6 days ago

... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

I really love mushy peas (it’s very much a Nottingham thing) but they are not my friend at all. I never learn. ... See MoreSee Less

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My motto is, have what you enjoy, worry about it tomorrow

It may be the bicarbonate of soda used to break them down. You could try asking your own by just overlooking them? Good luck!

Surely not as bad as Brussels sprouts?

Or sweetcorn🙀

Have you tried pureeing boiled frozen peas with some yoghurt and a bit of mint? Delicious and kinder to a pouch.

Ha ha I’m also from Notts / Derbyshire .. ooh the days of going to goose fair and eating 4/5 portions of mushy peas are over … however I do still eat but yes the fall out isn’t great ! 🤣

Oh my god I love mushy peas!! Sorry you get a rubbish ‘day after’.

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1 month ago

I go for my surgery tomorrow, stage 2 and 3 together . Now I am absolutely bricking it I will not lie. As I’m going through my l10000s of leaflets even though iv done a lot of research , Iv come across the fact I could find sex painful in the future??? To me sex is important, please tell me if this is true from the ladies ? Thankyou! Xx ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi. Sent you a private message x

I never experienced that, all fine in that department 😁 you may have a bit of internal swelling for a few weeks due to pouch construction which may make it uncomfortable but that’s only short term. Good luck for tomorrow 🤞🤞

Best wishes all goes well Chantelle

I did in the very beginning, felt like I'd had a tuck "down there" 🤣 soon sorted itself out so i wouldn't worry too much, just remember its a huge op and things may take longer than you'd like to get to your new normal xxx

Oh and all the best for the op 😘

Hey, all the best for the op 🙏 Personally I've had no problems so to speak but it is a little more sensitive for me so we have to go a little more easy than before xx

A couple of positions are a no go for me xx

No problems for me at all 😊. Good luck! Xx

Thanks so much everyone!!! Fingers crossed for me then xxxxx

Good luck Chantelle hope it goes well hun xx

No problems with sex! It's actually better because the j pouch improved my health.

I didn't have any issues that i can remember... Good luck for your op. Xxx

No problems at all 😜 you might feel a bit sore around that area for a bit while it's healing but just listen to your body when you feel the time is right! Good luck x

Obviously after surgery you’ll not feel quite yourself in that department for a bit (I think I only waited a month actually). But it gets easier gradually. The biggie for me was no longer having a bag and that definitely enhances things!! You’ll be fine love. Just remember things take a while to heal but mostly each week is better than the last. I definitely am glad I had the surgery! Good luck. Xx

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3 weeks ago

Question probably for the ladies...the week up to my period without fail my output doubles. It feels like its getting worse but once that cycle is done voila back to "normal" for 2 weeks! Does anybody else find this and do you have any advice? I was thinking of maybe trying some form of contraception to stop the periods to see if the settle in hormone means I don't get the spike of output 🤔 thoughts, thanks xx ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi, yes mine are the same. I suffer so pain especially in hip and legs. Pouch function goes crazy and I get so sore. I thought maybe contraception would help but I have have them pill, injection or implant and I really don’t want the coil (not sure if we can have it with a j.pouch) I could be completely wrong. Just don’t want to deal with another thing. Have you tried anything herbal to help? You never know. Big love ♥️

Unfortunately this is normal for just before coming on because of the fluctuations in hormones. I'm not sure you'd be able to stop that sort of symptom of them, but a Dr might be able to figure out what could work in terms of balancing them using contraceptives. Certainly not great when you've got an IBD too.x

I was the same but ended up getting the mirena coil. It has helped me. X

I have always had the same issue 😕 my pouch goes crazy just before and during my period. I wonder if my diet changes have something to do with it because I definitely eat more sugar and rubbish food before I come on but am quite careful with my diet the rest of the time! I'm going through early menopause now so it's not as bad. Hope it settles down for you xxx

I am the same pouch plays up before period I had the coil did not really make any difference.

I used to find my bowels played up during menstruation before I had UC, then UC flared during menstruation. Then I got the Marina coil and do believe that’s stopped that particular issue! X

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7 days ago

Is it just me or does anyone else wake up in the night with hunger pains?.
If so what do u do about it?.
... See MoreSee Less

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Yes it was my vit b12 and iron struggled to get treatment as it was border line I getting help now x I 3nded up going to iron clinic

No idea what a hunger pain feels like.

I do! Ignore them! I didn't and now I'm fat 😂

Yes and I always eat

4 weeks ago

Just got my scope/biopsy results and there is inflammation in my pouch. My consultant is putting me on a 6 week course of medication to sort it. I'm relieved that there is something wrong because although I was getting on with things I was feeling unwell.....imagine being relieved!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi Clare. I hope you feel better soon. What medication did they put you on?

Hi Clare Murphy, sorry to hear about your pouchitis. “Standard” therapy is a 2-week course of antibiotics: Any reason why they are giving you steroids?

1 week ago

Hi, just wondered if anyone knows if co co-codamol is ok for us to take. My rheumatologist suggested it as a painkiller. I’m sure I took it way back years ago when I first had my op but can’t remember 🤔 ... See MoreSee Less

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I do if I really need too low dose

Iv took it but tend not to take too many as it seems to constipate me with the pouch . Maybe drink plenty of fruit juice and water if you do have to and just take a low dose .

I’ve been taking it for years, no noticeable effect on the pouch for me but also don’t find it great for pain relief. I need anti-inflammatories really but we shouldn’t taken them 😕 codeine/opiate based meds should be fine with your pouch though, just avoid nsaids

On it now (post op knee). Does the trick for me on the pain relief front and no obvious pouch effects

Thanks everyone will try a low dose 😊

Yea it’s fine but just don’t take it for too long. You can 30mg. I think in the past I’ve been given 60mg too but can’t remember

It’s handy for slowing down output if you need that.

I also take it for arthritis haven't had any issues

Would do you a favour as it bulls up the stool 😉

Yeah had no issues

Will slow ya system down abit.

Should be fine but it may slow down your pouch. This can be a good thing but, it it gets too slow and you have problems emptying, then a small dose of Lactulose can do the trick.

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1 week ago

So after 4 weeks in hospital I’m finally home, j pouch constructed and temp ileostomy, I’m getting a lot of discharge from back passage, it was like this in hospital and I was given depositories and it stopped and it started again a couple of days ago, any advice would be appreciated ... See MoreSee Less

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I found holding it in really prepared me for the final stage and prepared my muscles so I wouldn’t worry about it. Good luck.

Only advice would be let you’re team know as they may want to give you them again or it may settle. Have you a loop ileostomy?

Good to hear you are out Sukhi Singh Dhillon. Mucus is naturally produced by a healthy gut to lubricate the sides and isn’t a problem per se. We don’t normally see it because it is mixed in with pooh. In a newly formed pouch there might be more mucus as the body tries to protect the area that has been messed around with. It might also have streaks : specks of blood in it. Keep an eye if this happens and check in with your pouch nurse if the blood becomes more than specks / streaks. How are you feeling?

I had the discharge when I had my pouch constructed and temporary ileostomy for a few weeks , it did stop . Hope this helps . All the best .

Same here Sukhi. It will stop eventually

To discharge mucous a few times a day is normal, I had the opposite problem at your stage, couldn’t release any and got a big build up which was very painful and landed me back in hospital for pouch to be washed out in theatre so don’t knock it unless it’s very excessive with lots of blood then you should contact your team. Glad your home and hope your feeling ok

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2 weeks ago

Has everyone in this group taken up a covid vaccine ... See MoreSee Less

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I have. Have bronchiectasis and cough variant asthma too so on vulnerable list.

Yep had both of mine. No side effects xx

I’ve had mine

no thanks not going to take it.

I’ve had both and been fine

Yes, I’ve had both my Astra Zeneca jabs. No side effects just a sore arm after the first one

Had both Pfizer. No side effects after the 1st but felt rough after the 2nd for 2 days.

Both, plus covid- yes, I got it a month after my second jab! Doing grand. No worries.

Yes. Fully vaccinated.

No not had mine. Since I had a massive allergic reaction to infliximab I don’t really fancy injecting anything else into my body.

Yep both xx

Had both of mine. I had COVID in October it was nasty. Then really ill with first injection, but that did not stop me getting the second injection.

Oh yes soon as I got the chance!!! I would rather have a small dose and suffer slightly (although I had no side effects at all) than just catch it and end up p seriously poorly!!!

Yes - Astra Zeneca - mild side effects after the first one, none after the second

Yes, with OX-AZ, though huge problems getting 2nd jab; ended up at 17 weeks between jabs, very frustrating with bronchiectasis and consequences.

Both jabs, no problems with either

Yes. Had both. Very very minor side effects.

I've had Pfizer. Both and felt fine part from a sore arm.

First dose 💁🏻‍♀️

I've had both of mine. No problems .

Both of mine no problems at all take it I beg everyone who has doubts

Of course no problens

AZ very sore arm both times but thank goodness nothing else I'm 64

Yes. Perfer slight side effects rather than risk full blown Covid.


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