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4 hours ago

Hi guys, just wanted to ask a question... Lately I been feeling like I need to go to the loo the normal way... I'm 3.5months post op. I have a stoma.. Today there was quite abit come out from behind (appologies if it's tmi) lol but it's very mucusy... Is this normal? I was told they have closed the back passage internally and didn't think I would still get output from behind at 3.5months post op? 🤔 Is this normal and if so, for how long?? ... See MoreSee Less

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My understanding is that they don't close it but it's diverted. I remember mucus but can't remember how long I had it for. If you're worried speak to your consultant or stoma nurse xx

The small intestine produces mucus. That doesn't stop when you have a stoma. Are you stage one or two. ie do you have a loop ileostomy?

Stage not gonna have the reversal

Have you got a j pouch or just a stoma? I’ve had a stoma for over 2 years and my bottom still produces mucus. The gut wants to keep working even when it’s not connected. Also I still get inflammation occasionally so I still use the Pentasa suppositories I was prescribed before my op.

1 day ago

So I finally had my take down surgery yesterday ... See MoreSee Less

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Yay. Hope you are doing okay. Remember one day at a time 😀

Wishing you a speedy recovery; although it can take up to a year to recover to the individuals normal. I had mine on 13th May... Still adapting to various toilet visits & the feeling of needing to go. I was never off toilet at 1st.. but it does get better... don't get disheartened, you'll most likely need to take loperamide to thicken up output. Wishing you all the very best. 💩❤🤞

Can I eat scrambled egg & toast or is best to have cereal?

I wouldn’t eat anything for 24 hours at least, should be liquids only

Just passed wind and it feels fantastic, been waiting 6 years🤣

Very good How u feeling

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1 day ago

Have any ladies had Oxybutinin for overactive bladder? Did you have any side effects from it on your gut or pouch? I'm taking it but I've been having tummy pains - not bad ones but enough to be a pest sometimes. ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

I had ran out of calmoseptine but this shows what left in tubes. I think 6 tubes and it’s filled my pot. cut off bottom and work down to lid. I hate waste .lol ... See MoreSee Less

I had ran out of calmoseptine but this shows what left in tubes.  I think 6 tubes and it’s filled my pot.  cut off bottom and work down to lid.  I hate waste .lol

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I do the same since years! Too precious 😂

I need to do the same with mine ! It’s so hard to squeeze out the tube once you get to one third full as it’s super thick !

I always do this and then buy Vaseline in the little tins. Mix them half Vaseline and half calmoseptine, handy to have out and about.

I have been doing that with tubes of stuff for years, also cut of the bottom of bottles so I can get a long knife in and scrape everything out. Don't forget to pull out 5he bag that contains wine in a boxed wine as it might suggest it's empty but there's another glass in there!😉😁

I do that too!

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5 days ago

I am due surgery but still waiting on a date, Can anyone offer any advice I have had a ileostomy for a year and always lost small amounts of blood From my anus (what's left) however for the past few days I've felt the urge to go and it's just blood xx ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi babe that’s exactly what I get happening to me, I’m currently having to take prednisone 5mg suppositories, I had my stoma for nearly 2 years and always had the bleeding and never got it under control xx

Are you stage one or two?

Worth getting this checked out Rachel IMHO. I had my second surgery delayed because of active inflammation in the rectal stump - that was a long time ago but could still be the case.

Pm you

4 weeks ago

Has anyone experienced really painful fissures? I'm really suffering and worried this isn't normal! Do you think they could be worse for us because our bums are in more use? I'm waiting for some diltizam cream to be made (chemist doesn't have it) , using anasol right now, can that stuff help or make worse? ... See MoreSee Less

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I find emla numbing cream helps - stings initially but to use infrequently helps with some relief - I’m troubled with fissures and so uncomfortable x

Ask for some lidocaine or cream with lidocaine like Scheriproct. Ilex paste is great as a barrier too to prevent irritation and helps it to heal. Hope you feel better soon

Yes i had one and it made me cry with pain. Try bathing after going and using a barrier cream xx

Ilex paste is good, and you get it on prescription

Amy Culwick Cooke as I was not feeling too well down there and a bit feverish I went to the Gp and she found I had quite a few haemorrhoids old and new and 2 fissures one small than the other plus pouchitis, for which I had my metronidazole luckily as I am in holiday far away from home. All happened at the same time! She gave me a pomade with some cortisone to use for a week but did not heal the fissure for which now she prescribed a cream from Avene Cicalfate which is supposed to keep all clean from bacteria’s and dry and repair the fissure. I hope it will!! I am also using catheters often in the day and dilator every few days since a year now but I hope they are not the cause of the fissures?? Will let you know if that cream succeeds as healing the fissures.

The cream your getting will work well. Sometimes I need a steroidal foam for a few weeks to calm things down.

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4 weeks ago

Question for you j-pouchers.. when you go to the toilet does your pouch completely empty like the old days when we had colons? Or just a bit that ‘overflows out’
Hope you don’t mind the question !
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I sometimes have to go back as iv not fully emptied my pouch .

Sometimes it empties & sometimes I need to rock back & forth to help it… 🤷🏼‍♀️

Depending what I ate.

I was just literally saying to my wife, if I could go to the loo and quickly fully empty my pouch, I would be a happy boy!

I bend, stretch, twist in every direction, it seems to help.

I don't fully empty either 🤔

No unfortunately, a stricture here too from the start. A simple warm water enema however…..complete game changer.

I think we will never have that feeling of emptied colon ever again. I empty my pouch full most of the time, but sometimes i have that feeling like i have to go back or that is not fully empty. Ps. lying on my stomach helps me with trapped gas

I wish my pouch would empty!!! Every night, every two hours or so I’m up at the loo. I’d love to know how to help my pouch empty in one go 🤷🏻‍♂️

I empty my pouch full most of the time but sometimes it depends on what I have eaten and need to go back again.

Here's the thing with me. Most of it empties, maybe 80%, but not all at once. Often need 2 to 4 visits across 10 to 30 minutes. But if I'm out and about, one visit tends to buy a fair bit of time.

I’m guessing this is down to messed up peristalsis in the pouch, so occasionally when the peristalstic spasms are aligned we get a good emptying but usually we partially empty and then get the tell tale gurgles when we stand up after a pooh to tell us there is more inside. Nicola Woodall’s experience of full emptying with a warm water enema are also reflected in the many vocal advocates in favour of a Medina catheter, to quickly and fully empty the pouch. I just sit for ages on the toilet with a crossword book or similar and wait for the spasms to align, particularly just before bed when a more complete empty can mean the difference between a full nights sleep and an interrupted sleep. I think this is a very common issue amongst pouchees, great question Nick

In 27 years of having my pouch i don't think i have ever fully emptied.

Also a position how you sit on the toilet is important. We should have feet slightly up.

Very occasionally I can empty fully and it's usually when my pouch is really full and I just happen to be in the right position when I get that familiar feeling/little pain 😀. That's after 24 years with my pouch. Mostly I just empty enough to feel comfortable. Usually I'm up and down and tend to go to the toilet a few times at certain times of the day. None of it bothers me at all though as it's just the way it is now. Although I still feel like I need a pat on the back when I manage a good one ☺. I'm currently away from home and my Mum's toilet is too high so definitely not doing me any favours whilst trying to empty effectively.

Most times i empty but i find it helps if i have a good burst of wind! If i don't i need to wait a bit longer to fully empty. Imagine a balloon bursting - that's when it empties quickly and efficiently!😜

Its varied down my 29 years with a pouch (technically an i pouch), while I now go more frequently it seems to empty better and I'm not in the bathroom as long. For years I had what I can only describe as diarrhoea and constipation all at once - at times I could have been in the bathroom for hours and never get an empty feeling. Also worthwhile remembering that the actual 'feeling' will be different to when we had a colon, as the pouch has a fraction of the nerve endings of a colon.

Best way to empty a reluctant pouch is a heaped teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda dissolved in a little water works like magic

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3 weeks ago

A silly Monday morning laugh! ... See MoreSee Less

A silly Monday morning laugh!
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