“Can’t wait” and “medic alert” card for J Pouch

We are delighted to report that Red Lion Group has produced a “Can’t Wait” / “Medic alert” card specifically designed for “pouchees”!

Updated 29 June 2023

This is the first such card designed exclusively for people with an ileal-anal pouch (IPAA) or J pouch. One side of the card is useful if you are caught short and need urgent access to a toilet. The other side is a Medic Alert which displays the universal “Medic alert” symbol and a QR code which links directly to a page on the Red Lion Group website containing a simple pictorial description of the IPAA surgical procedure and other important information for pouchees and medical practitioners regarding the management of patients with an internal / J pouch.

All Red Lion Group members will receive the card free of charge, distributed with the latest 2021 edition of our ROAR! magazine. If you haven’t received yours, or you are a non-member and would like one, contact our membership secretary Gary Bronziet at  

New members will receive the card with the latest edition of ROAR! upon joining.

For non-members, we suggest a small donation to cover cost and postage – but why not become a member (for just £10.00) and receive the other benefits of joining the Red Lion Group?

You can become a member at

Click on SCAN ME to view the medic alert information

If you would like to purchase a RADAR key, which gives access to disabled toilets, we recommend that you purchase it from Disability Rights UK at

Gary Bronziet