Ellie Bradshaw talks “Biofeedback” in our next webcast

Updated 30 May 2024

The latest webinar in the RLG 2024 series took place on 29 May with Ellie Bradshaw talking about Biofeedback, a unique method of pouch emptying.  Over 50 pouchees attended the event from the comfort of their own homes via zoom.  Ellie is a highly experienced nursing specialist who used to be in charge of the Biofeedback unit at St Mark’s Hospital.  She took a sabbatical to work at the Princess Grace Hospital in London and has now returned to St Mark’s to join the highly experienced and award winning pouch nurse specialist team.  Her presence will add considerable capabilities and expertise to a team which is already world class. 

Ellie’s passion for helping pouchees was evident as she carefully walked us through the various ways in which pouchees can act and exercises they can do to improve and preserve their pouch function through control and strengthening of their pelvic floor.  As well, she provided information on creams and medical devices which are available to pouchees and which can help to alleviate some of the common pouch issues, from which many of us suffer to a greater or lesser extent. 

In a lively and extended Q&A session Ellie was able to answer both broad and very personal pouch-related topics as diverse as sex for pouchees, night time incontinence, butt creams, stool thickeners, anus and lower back pain, how to achieve full emptying, probiotics, pelvic floor exercises and investigations when the pouch is not functioning well.   The recording of the event is available on our YouTube channel here.

This was a compassionate and comprehensive talk packed full of practical tips and suggestions and some humour along the way to emphasise the messages.  Another brilliant event from Ellie, who is a long-term supporter of the RLG charity, having been delivering talks for us since 2006.  We are indeed grateful for all her support and delighted to have her back at St Mark’s.  

Thank you to all the attendees for such a great series of questions. 

The next webinar in the 2024 series will take place on Friday 21 June at 5pm (BST) when Dr Sonya Frearson, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Head of the St Mark’s Psychological Medicine Unit will talk about psychological issues associated with surgery and recovery.  Please register beforehand at to receive the dial in link.

David Davies
RLG Chairman

You can view the recording of the webcast by Ellie Bradshaw on the subject “Biofeedback management of Pouches” on our Youtube channel here

Following on from our highly successful webcast featuring Prof John Nicholls, our next zoom webcast will take place on Wednesday 29th May at 7:30pm and will feature Ellie Bradshaw. A lively and exuberant speaker Ellie will let us into the secrets of biofeedback – a unique method of pouch-emptying. Ellie, who recently returned to St. Mark’s Hospital following a spell at the renowned Princess Grace Hospital in London, says she thrives on helping people manage their bowel and pelvic floor symptoms. Those traditional pelvic floor exercises will never be the same again! Ellie has spoken at previous Red Lion Group events and is one of our most popular speakers.

Attendance is FREE and open to all, but prior registration is required. You can register using button below.

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You can view the recording of the webcast by Prof John Nicholls on the subject “40 years of colorectal surgery” on our Youtube channel here

Gary Bronziet