Just how fit are you? When did you last do a few pre-breakfast press-ups? Or a couple of bracing laps of the local park perhaps? Last week, last year – or never perhaps.

And how often do you think about your mental fitness? It may not be so obvious, but however strong, skilful, athletic or flexible you are, it’s your calmness and determination that guide you and help you to perform your daily activities ie it’s all in the mind!

Mental health is such a vital and fascinating subject, that we will be investigating it further in the December Roar! with contributions from two leading psychiatrists, case studies from doctors, surgeons, healthcare professionals and, of course, other pouch-owners.

Would you like to add your own experiences of mental health to this article? You can do this by sending your own examples, ideas and views in confidence – and anonymously if you prefer – to Christopher Browne, Roar! Editor, at

It’s quite a heady subject after all!