Smiley Film Awards – RLG needs your vote!

The Red Lion Group is very proud to announce that our recent film “J-Pouch Surgery – Recovery time, risks, and benefits,” featuring Mr Toby Hammond, has been nominated in the Smiley Film Awards.

The 5th Charity Film Awards is the world’s largest campaign for cause-based films and, the Smiley Movement is a platform for people driving positive change.

To make the final we need the public vote! Voting is easy simply visit

This link takes you straight to our film and then all you need to do is click vote.

This is a fantastic platform to raise awareness of our condition and, the more votes we receive, the more chance we have of making the finals!

Together we can raise awareness and help support others living with a Pouch. So please help spread the word – share the link on your social media – tell all your friends and family and most importantly please vote!

To find out more about the Smiley Awards click HERE.

Gary Bronziet