Important update for Medina Catheter users

Updated 15 July 2022

Would you like to particpate in trial of a potential replacement product?

A significant number of J pouch owners use the Medina Catheter to assist with emptying their pouch. Following the announcement that the Medina Catheter is being withdrawn from production, we are pleased to announce that a potential replacement product has been identified and the Pouch Nurse team at St. Mark’s Hospital is now in the process of starting a trial with the new Marlen catheter.

They are currently working closely with the company to introduce the product in the UK, including Drug Tariff approval.

The plan is to start officially trialling the Marlen catheters, hopefully at the beginning of August (pending delivery and logistics).  

We wish to help them by identifying existing medina catheter users who would like to participate in the trial. They will be looking for a small sample of 10-15 people initially.  

All participants would need to provide feedback and agree for their anonymous testimony to be shared and used in research. 

If you are interested in participating in this trial, would you please send your details to Further details will be provided in due course.

Updated 24 November 2021

The following response was received from the marketing manager at Wellspect on 5 November 2021

We are still actively looking at potential alternative products. We have one promising option we are exploring at the moment, although it is not currently available in the UK. If it proves suitable, the next step would be to find a UK distributer willing to take it on. I have kept your contact details and will let you know how this progresses. 

In the meantime, we have sufficient stock of the Ileostomy catheter and have not yet taken a decision on the eventual date for discontinuation in the UK. On current usage rates we have significantly more than 6 months available. While I completely understand their concern, I would urge all users to continue to order as normal.

Posted 15 June 2021

Unfortunately, our ileostomy catheter is produced in very small volumes and global demand is both low and in steady decline. We have therefore had to take the difficult decision to discontinue this product.

At current UK usage rates we will have sufficient stock to continue supply for a minimum of 6 months. While there are no direct alternatives currently available on the UK Drug Tariff, we are actively looking at products with other manufacturers/suppliers which may prove suitable.

We’ll aim to keep you informed regarding an exact date after which the product will no longer be available on prescription and also if there is any progresses with alternative manufactures/suppliers.

In the meantime, I’d like to extend my apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

We have responded explaining that, while they label the product an “ileostomy catheter”, it is in practise also used by many J Pouch (and other pouch) owners, and the planned discontinuance is causing much distress in the pouch community.

We will keep you informed of any updates in particular with regard to a replacement product.

On that subject, Theresa Parr (RLG committee member) has for some time been an advocate of the Aquaflush system as an alternative to the Medina Catheter. It is also available on prescription. See here for further information.

Gary Bronziet