Mr Toby Hammond talks about J-Pouch Surgery – Recovery Time, Risks and Benefits

New committee member Michelle Martin has made the first of a series of videos about the pouch featuring her own surgeon Mr Toby Hammond as the presenter.

The idea for the series was prompted by Michelle’s experiences of ulcerative colitis and what exactly made her decide to go ahead with J-pouch surgery.

Says Michelle: “In 2017 I had an emergency operation to remove my colon due to undiagnosed ulcerated colitis. It was a total shock. Suddenly I was living with a stoma and everything in my life had changed. 

Initially, my main focus was to have my stoma reversed, however over time I got used to my stoma, I felt well for the first time in years and I didn’t want any more operations.”

However, she wanted to find out more about the second option – having an ileo-anal pouch fitted. “I spent a lot of time talking through my options with my consultant Mr Hammond [Toby Hammond, consultant general and colorectal surgeon at Broomfield Hospital, Essex], but I found that away from the hospital there was limited information that would help me make an informed decision. 

“I eventually decided to go ahead with the operation and just over a year later I couldn’t be happier,” says Michelle. 

As she points out: “I know deciding to go ahead with the operation is a difficult decision, and I wanted to help others in a similar situation. I approached Mr Hammond and he was more than happy to support the project, and I hope this will be the first of many videos that will help people living with a J-pouch.”

You can view the video on YouTube below.

The Red Lion Group would like to thank Mr Toby Hammond and Graham Fisher, cameraman and editor, for both giving up their time for free and helping to produce this informative film.

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Gary Bronziet