Do you have a story, whether moving or funny, to tell about you and your pouch? It could be published in next edition of ROAR!

The second major event in December – apart from Christmas – is the winter edition of Roar! magazine. And this year is no exception.

The main theme of the new magazine will be Diet. This is partly inspired by IBD specialist Gabriela Poufou’s compelling Zoom talk in August (you can hear it on the website) when she showed us how the way we eat and what we eat can make a significant difference to our general well-being and recovery from surgery.

We’ve already featured articles on fitness and mental health in previous Roar! magazines. You may have read them and, if so, I think you’ll agree that many of them were stirringly and skilfully written.

So to follow in the same vein, the December theme is Diet and I would love to hear your views on the subject and any attempts you’ve been making to improve your general lifestyle and well-being (haven’t we all!) – pandemic or no pandemic.

And talking of articles, do you have a story, whether moving or funny, to tell about you and your pouch? Or why not tell us why you decided to join the Red Lion Group and what you hope to achieve with the group in the future. Or you might have done something brave or intrepid such as join a climbing expedition or run a mini-marathon. 

Whatever your story, however personal or pithy, we’d love to hear it. Please send it to Chris Browne, the Roar! editor, at

The deadline’s 10 December. 

Chris Browne
Roar! Editor

Gary Bronziet