Clinical trial of a novel drug for the treatment of chronic, antibiotic resistant Pouchitis in patients with a pelvic pouch

Do you suffer from chronic, antibiotic resistant Pouchitis with at least two episodes in the past year?  Does the problem continue, even after a two-week course of antibiotics?  Are you aged between 18 and 75 and had your original pouch operation due to ulcerative colitis?  Has it been at least a year since your stoma was closed?  If you answered YES to all of these questions then you might be eligible to take part in a clinical trial being conducted in the UK over the coming months.  

Recurrent, persistent Pouchitis is a continuing challenge for many pouchees, as we know from many interactions with RLG members and the wider pouch community in the UK.  Antibiotics are the standard treatment but in some cases the condition persists after antibiotic treatment and there is currently no clinically proven treatment if antibiotics fail.  Now a San Francisco based drug company is developing a novel treatment specifically to treat persistent, antibiotic resistant Pouchitis and they need your help.  If you meet the above criteria and you want to know more about this trial then please click on or telephone 0800 633 5507 (freephone) or Text MAC and your NAME to 81025.   If you are eligible and you wish to proceed then you might be enrolled into a clinical trial which could benefit you and could lead to the approval of a novel treatment from which many future Pouchitis sufferers could benefit. 

The study is being done at 5 centers in England and will be conducted to the highest ethical standards to protect your wellbeing. A reimbursement of up to £1,135 is available to repay travel and inconvenience costs.  We are excited by the prospect of a new treatment for this troublesome and persistent condition. 

In the interests of transparency, MAC are making a modest donation to RLG for helping to publicise this trial. This money will be used by the Trustees to provide support to our members and to support fundamental research into clinical aspects of pouch and cancer care.  From an ethical perspective, we cannot endorse the study drug and cannot predict the outcomes of the clinical trial.  Participation in the trial will be your informed choice and expressing an interest does not commit you to anything.

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David Davies

RLG Chairman   

If you meet the above criteria and you want to know more about this trial then please click on button below.

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