J Pouch Support Facebook Forum now on Red Lion Group website

The J Pouch Support (UK Specific) Facebook Group, with over 942 members, is the most active forum for pouch related discussion in the UK, with posts and comments sometimes exceeding 100 per day.

We are delighted to inform you that this forum is now integrated into the Red Lion Group website.  The content is monitored by a member of the RLG Committee to ensure appropriateness and relevance for our membership.

Click on the FORUMS option in the menu bar and you will be able to view and interact with the discussions and comments directly from the web site.

Note that the Group is a “Private” Facebook Group. If you are not already a member, you will still be able to see the discussions from the RLG website.

To participate in discussions, you will need to join the group by logging into your Facebook account and submitting a join request. 

We would like to acknowledge Sam Hill, the founder of the Facebook forum for her hard work in growing it to become the pre-eminent facebook forum for pouch patients in the UK.

Gary Bronziet

RLG membership Secretary