St. Mark’s hospital foundation seasonal appeal

The Red Lion Group is delighted to share the virtuous circles seasonal appeal on behalf of Jason Bacon, CEO St. Mark’s Hospital Foundation

In this seasonal appeal, we have sought to demonstrate the cumulative effect of one thing inspiring another and the impact of things coming full circle, ultimately for the benefit of patients living with complex bowel diseases.

We hope you will feel inspired to renew your support or donate for the first time. Acts of giving will help us continue our virtuous circles, enabling us to support today’s patients whilst maintaining a focus on activities that will bring forward our vision of a future free from the fear of bowel disease.

Thank you sincerely.

Wishing you and yours a healthy and happy festive season and New Year.

Kind Regards

Jason Bacon
CEO, St. Mark’s Hospital Foundation

Jason Bacon

You can download the Virtuous Circles seasonal appeal leaflet below and read about how the “virtuous circles” concept enables St. Mark’s to keep at the forefront of innovation and care for patients with all forms of bowel disease.

St. Mark’s Hospital Foundation – Virtuous circles
St. Mark’s Hospital Foundation – Virtuous circles

You can donate on the St. Mark’s Hospital Foundation JustGiving page by clicking on image below…

Gary Bronziet