You can now search all Pouch Support Content

The Red Lion Group website ( is one of the foremost repositories of J-pouch related information, an invaluable resource for people considering or living with a J-pouch (or any configuration of ileo-anal pouch).

The content includes video recordings from the leading experts in the field of pouch surgery from St. Mark’s Hospital, spanning many years, and every edition of ROAR! the bi-annual magazine produced by the Red Lion Group since its foundation in 1994. The vast amount of information has made the need for a search facility a necessity, and we are delighted to announce that this is now available. See Video below for a demonstration.

Watch Video for Quick Demo

Tips on Using the Search Facility:-

  • The Search Options appears on the top menu and also on the Whats New and Resources pages. In all cases, the Search function will search ALL available resources.
  • As you enter your Search Criteria, the built in Live Search feature will show top matches in a drop down list as you type. You can select any item from the drop down list, however this is not the complete list of matches
  • Once the Live Search Information is displayed, if you click on the magnifying glass, this will take you to the complete list of matches which may extend over many pages.
  • If you enter more than one word in the search box, eg. John Nicholls, the search will find all occurences of John and all occurences of Nicholls. To specifically find a combination of words, they should be enclosed in double quotes eg. “John Nicholls”, will only find matches where John and Nicholls appear together.

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Gary Bronziet