J Pouch Forum Update

The first RLG pouch forum of the year took place on Monday 7th February and what a welcome return!  

Some 30 or so pouchees dialled in from the comfort of their own homes to chat informally about pouch-related stuff, to share experiences and suggest solutions and to realise that we are all part of a special community. Brilliantly chaired by softly spoken Chris Browne, who gently lights the blue touch paper and then sits back and lets us chatter away, whilst ensuring that everyone gets the chance to speak and be heard.  The audience was mixed, with new and old pouchees, regular attendees and newcomers.  But, as always, the warmth and sense of community was as strong as ever.  

Topics covered in a thoroughly riveting 98 minutes included nutrition, overnight frequency and seepage, use and availability of catheters, vitamin B12 and D deficiency, the challenge of educating GPs about pouches, pelvic floor exercises, peristalsis, full emptying, absorbent pads, loperamide, local pouchee meetings and many other topics. Gary Bronziet was pressing all the right buttons once again, despite being in hospital recovering from pouch-related surgery (adhesiolysis).  And RLG Trustee Theresa Parr was on hand to add reassuring and learned comments, as ever. 

The time flew; Chris drew the evening to a close at 9.08pm but one felt it could have gone on for an hour longer.  A terrific evening for anyone with pouch-related questions or concerns, or those just wanting to be reminded they are part of this special pouch community.  As one newcomer commented “we all look pretty normal!”

The next RLG forum will take place on Monday 7th March and thereafter typically on the first Monday of every month.  Please register in advance at to get your log in details and to keep track of other upcoming events.

David Davies 

RLG Chairman

Gary Bronziet